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A fine figure secured for JMW Turner painting

“A figure higher than that predicted by auction houses secured the sale  of my painting by J M W Turner which was skilfully guided by my agent  Vernon Ward who through his work, effort and unfailing resolve achieved  this when others doubted the provenance and authenticity of the  painting. He regularly kept me informed of his progress; his dedication  was faultless. Meetings were set up by Vernon, including a meeting  between myself and my wife with his own firm of accountants, which gave  me peace of mind that I was being looked after on all fronts. If you are selling, whether it be art, vintage jewellery or diamonds  etc. Vernon is an antique dealer who stands head and shoulders above the  others. Words cannot express mine and my family's gratitude. I had no  knowledge of this antiques expert two years ago. I initially Googled "is there an honest antiques expert on works of art" and Vernon's name came  up and that's where it all began. Thank you very much indeed Vernon.”

- Julian Bowden - Barrister


Vernon Ward was chosen over auction houses to act as the sole agent in selling this extremely rare score (written by Bernard Hermann) of the iconic music from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho film.

Article with actress from Psycho

This is an article of the sale of Bernard Hermann's score for the film Psycho, where Vernon Ward was the sole agent in selling the score. For those interested, Alfred Hitchcock was the iconic director of many films (Psycho; Birds; Rear Window; Vertigo to name just a few) and Bernard Hermann worked very closely with Hitchcock and scored the soundtrack to many of Hitchcock's films.

Passover Plate

This is one of the many articles about a typical rare find in one of Vernon Ward's charity antique roadshow days. Prior to the internet, Vernon has collated over 50 years of press coverage & letters of thanks, which are placed on laminated boardings (over 88 of them) and are on display on every charity roadshow day. They ae also available to view at his office on request. Those wishing to organise a charity antique roadshow day can contact Vernon.

The Argus Appeal

Vernon Ward has been asked by The Argus on many occasions to run charity roadshow days. Vernon has also conducted roadshow days for numerous charities and hospices, which has spanned 30 years.


This represents Vernon Ward Antique roadshows, registered in England, Number: 2215508. Established in 1990, for valuation days and is a member of the NBR (National Business Register).

Vernon Discovers Rare Wristwatch

At an antiques roadshow day Vernon discovered a Silver Patek Phillip wristwatch which he valued at £6,500 and subsequently the owner instructed Vernon to sell it.

Faberge Treasure Found in Lewis Attic

This rare find received large amounts of press coverage when discovered by Vernon Ward- which he spent 3 week researching and it was authenticated by him as Faberge and subsequently sold.

Valuation of South England Agricultrial Society Trophies

Vernon was instructed to carry out an evaluation for the Society's Trophies for insurance purposes and was chosen above all other auction houses and appraisers in the UK to document each trophy in a 25 page detailed insurance schedual. Shown is a letter of thanks for the work that was undertaken.

Rocking Horse Article

This article displays what can be achieved by those wishing to raise money for their specified charity of choice. On this occasion, Vernon Ward raised £10,000 towards The Rocking Horse Appeal.


This is a typical letter, showing the frustration of someone being charged 50% by a regional auction house, which (sometimes) is common place. This particular gentleman was dumbfounded. Although it may be difficult to read, the charges displayed are on the left. For those interested in reading this more clearly, Vernon would be more than happy to send a copy by post.

Business Registration

This certificate confirms proof of ownership that Vernon Ward has held this company name since 1990, namely 'Vernon Ward Antiques Roadshows.' Number 2210058, registered in England- and he is a member of the national business register. Established 30 years.

Henty's 20

Although this is hard to read, this delightful article appeared in a magazine, complimenting Vernon on achieving a sale of a gaming machine, where he sourced a private collector, much to the extreme delight of this well known columnist John Henty (a very charming character!), praising Vernon Ward

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