Diamond Valuation Guide

Valuer and Appraiser of: Fine Diamond Jewellery, Vintage Diamond Jewellery and Diamond Rings etc. in Sussex and throughout the UK.

Here are some tips on how to appraise and value diamond jewellery when assessing their value for sale purposes.

The information listed below is a guide for those wishing to know more about how diamonds are valued:

Diamonds are the hardest of all known natural substances composed of pure carbon.

The five Cs are integral when appraising and pricing diamond jewellery:

  1. Carat.   A unit of weight in gemstones. The word carat comes from the seed of  the Carob tree which was used in ancient times as a unit of weight for  pearls and gems.
  2. Colour. The  colour of a white diamond is graded – there are several grading scales  but generally D is colourless, whilst coloured stones are deemed at best  “vivid” and at worst “light fancy”.
  3. Cut. A fashioned gem, shaped and polished, as opposed to a rough or uncut gem.
  4. Clarity. Refers to how pure the stone is but this is less important in coloured stones – although you do not want a stone that
    has  obvious marks or inclusions in it. The clarity grading scale is FL,  VVS, VS, SI, l1-22 and l3. For example, I3 means inclusions are very  obvious and affect transparency and brilliance where a FL = flawless =  no  inclusions.
  5. Certificate. This is needed when selling fine diamonds and means a diamond has been  independently assessed for authenticity and grade according to its  quality.
    For  reference to begin any  appraisal just sending an image of jewellery (in  my humble opinion) is  not the answer. The item needs to be in front of  you. A description may  suffice to start with but then item needs to be seen by the naked eye. 

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Secure a price for my diamond bracelet well in excess of what I had previously been quoted

Having never sold any jewellery before, I didn't know what to expect but I am very grateful to Vernon & his team for making it such an easy process. Vernon managed to secure a price for my diamond bracelet well in excess of what I had previously been quoted at a local jewellers. The process from start to finish was only 8 days. I would highly recommend.

Lynn Waters, December 2023 - Surrey

He achieved a much better price than the valuation an auction house gave, and almost three times that quoted by a jeweller

Vernon did a fantastic job for me in selling a diamond ring and some silver. He clearly has excellent knowledge. It was done within the timescale he set and with transparent and clear pricing. He achieved a much better price than the valuation an auction house gave, and almost three times that quoted by a jeweller. He really made an effort on my behalf to secure a good price and I fully recommend him.

Alison Fisher - Sussex, October 2023

Well worth the visit from Germany

We contacted Vernon and met him at his office to examine a diamond ring. He was very helpful, and advised us about likely values and possible sales methods. Well worth the visit from Germany.

Susan Jay - Germany, April 2022

Antique diamond jewellery

Vernon and his colleagues were exceptional in their valuation of our collection of antique diamond jewellery, valued well in excess of £100,000. We were amazed with the depth and breadth of Vernon's knowledge. His valuation was quick but incredibly thorough and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. We were delighted to get the same high level of service that could be expected from a high end London jeweller, but in Brighton! Many thanks Vernon.

Katie, Sussex - August 2020

Vintage Diamond Jewellery Sale

Outstanding diamond sale. I took my vintage diamond jewellery to Vernon who after 3 days of constant and meticulous research which he did completey for free, re-appaised the values far more accurately than any high street jewelers from the Laines in Brighton to high street jewelers in London I visited. I did not hesitate to go through Vernon where all business was conducted to the letter,very professionaly and private. Having gone to high street jewelers I would highly recommended going to a professional who knows exactly what he's talking about with many years of experience. (Vernon Ward) A personal one to one service! Having my mothers jewellery which is very sentimental Vernon was the only person who looked after me with compassion and understanding and not for financial gain. He encouraged me not to rush in to anything which is so rare in todays modern world. Which gave me total piece of mind when conducting my business with him from start to finish. Thank you Vernon

Tracey - Brighton

We would like to thank him and his team for their warm welcome and very professional service

My wife and I visited Vernon Ward with jewellery valued approximately £85,000 because we wished to sell some of it and update the insurance values of other items. We would like to thank him and his team for their warm welcome and very professional service. This was free of charge and the only costs will be a very reasonable commission (lower than London auction houses) on items successfully sold. Everything went well and we were very glad to have discovered his service and thoroughly recommend it. However, there was just one cloud. Thanks to his expertise, we found that an item boxed with the name of a top French international brand was not in fact genuine. You would expect us to have been more than a bit downcast, especially as we had paid £5,000 more than 20 years ago at a grand charity auction at a Park Lane hotel. Surprisingly, we were pleased to find this out because my wife plans to bequeath it to one of her grand-daughters who has always admired it. So at least we now know that our grand-daughter Charlotte will not one day suffer the disappointment of having to learn that her late Granny's gift was not the genuine article. Anyway, the charity benefitted and the forgery will still look pretty good on Charlotte!

Paul Morgan - London, October 2020

Thoroughly pleasant experience and I would highly recommend him

I visited Vernon from a recommendation after visiting several local and a couple of London based jewellers. I planned to get a valuation for some gold and diamond jewellery that I had for some time. I decided to sell which Vernon managed on my behalf for a very reasonable percentage which meant I got the best possible price. I was informed that this could take up to 10 days and I received payment well within that time. Vernon was friendly, COVID compliant and kept me well informed. Thoroughly pleasant experience and I would highly recommend him.

P Harvey

Fabulous research of family heirlooms

"We had a large collection of important pieces and were wondering where to start with valuation with a view to sale. Vernon listened to our dilemma and explained that with such pieces all would need researching thoroughly as a first step before a private sale. Vernon carried out magnificent research on these items which took a whole week of his time and at no charge! We were amazed by this but he had set himself the task and he kept his word. His findings were completed and were faultless (having had dealings with auction houses in the past, where we have sold similar pieces, no such research was undertaken and in such detail as that carried out by Vernon). The report from Vernon crystallised our thinking and enabled us to make a decision on keeping or selling part or all of the collection. The service my husband and I received was invaluable and I don’t know of any professional body of experts who would have undertaken such a research task without a fee. Thank you so much!"

Sarah - 27th November 2020

Vernon displayed excellent knowledge and kept us informed throughout

"We visited Vernon by appointment with a large assortment of unwanted diamond/gold vintage jewellery/modern gold jewellery, a Rolex watch and antique silverware, to instruct Vernon to act as our agent as we wanted a private sale. We received an excellent return, far higher than had we gone through other outlets. Vernon displayed excellent knowledge and kept us informed throughout the 10 day period. His standard of care and attention to detail was exceptional and solely through his efforts alone he achieved fine results on all. For reference, no other charges were incurred other than his low rate of commission. Many thanks for all your hard work on our behalf. In our opinion, he is a leading antique jewellery and silver valuer in England. Exceptional service and confidentiality. We would recommend Vernon without hesitation."

Liz Andrews, Sussex

Good service

Took some diamond rings to Veron had good advise and he sold them for me within 6 days for a fair return . Would use him again.

Paul F - August 2021

I can only echo everything others have written in their testimonials about Vernon

I found Vernon Ward on the internet as I was not certain how to seek valid and truthful advice on the sale of diamond jewellery. Having read so many positive testimonials, I decided to contact Vernon. I can only say he is enormously knowledgeable, an old school gentleman and a man of his word, which is very refreshing in this modern world. Vernon did everything that he said he would do and more, including writing by hand at 6:30 am a full two page report on the jewellery so that he could get it to me in the early morning post. I can only echo everything others have written in their testimonials about Vernon, he is willing to spend his own time and effort researching your valuables and does not charge a penny for his professional service, what more could you possibly ask? He just loves his chosen profession. Just believe those who have gone before, and had dealings with Vernon, I know where I shall be taking my business next time, without doubt. Thank you Vernon, you are a pleasure to deal with.

Peter Pattison, Surrey - September 2021

Vernon was a delightful and helpful

Vernon was a delightful and helpful guide in this scary process. He went out of his way to help me decide the way forward with two pieces of family diamond jewellery. He even came over in out of office hours to look at everything and suggest good (and alternative) ways forward. All this for free! After considering multiple options and some of them suggested by Vernon, I have put my trust in him and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Clare Hanbury, the Channel Islands - October 2021

Vernon provides exceptional customer service, integrity and honesty

Vernon provides exceptional customer service, integrity and honesty. Living in Somerset and working full time meant I was unable to travel to Brighton to get my diamonds, sovereigns and gold valued. Vernon understood my situation and went as far as sourcing a driver to collect the items from me once I had agreed to progress the sale. From my first conversation through to the conclusion of the sale, there was no pressure to sell (quite the opposite), everything was treated in confidence and a realistic approach to value was agreed. I was kept informed at every stage of the sale handling and everything ran like clockwork! I was delighted at the outcome of the sale and knowing that Vernon uses a select pool of private investors I achieved a price much higher than the local jewellers were prepared to pay. I cannot recommend Vernon highly enough.

Ruth McCarthy, Somerset - July 2022

Diamond Jewellery Sale

My husband and I visited Vernon and his team by appointment. Compared to the London prices that we were offered, Vernon achieved far higher figures within his 10 day period. It was private and confidential. We would totally recommend this service to anyone finding themselves in the same position as us with gold pieces of jewellery that they wish to continue to be appreciated.

Malcolm H, March 2023 - Sussex

Very professional team

Very professional team giving the best of advice and options for valuation and sale of diamond ring. Highly recommend.

Ian Nicholson -August 2023

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