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In these difficult times, Vernon and his valuers operate visits strictly by appointment only (subject to the lockdown rules) - feel free to telephone for all enquiries. Also, please read our post and package services detailed below photos

The office is fully sanitised and provides a safe environment, which includes a high tech air filtration system togther with fresh air flow. Sanitisation cleanser and masks are also in place in accordenace with strict government guidelines (should anyone have forgotten their mask). 

All clients are required to provide full identification (part of our Conditions of Business) not only to confirm that they are the true owners of their property but this also this provides the information for track and trace. Identification should be in the form of a passport, driving license or birth certificate. 

Home visits can also arranged for private consultations (subject to the lockdown rules).

Vernon also provides a professional, ten day turnaround on all sales, where money can be collected or transfered direct  to your bank account. Vernon's streamlined service assists those wishing to sell their unwanted items and would like or need their funds within the 10 day contractorial period -please visit Condition of Business.

The alternative which many clients appreciate using is sending your pieces by registered post, please read the steps shown below:

Easy Steps to Receiving a Free Valuations for Sales if you are anxious about Covid-19 and would prefer not to visit

Vernon offers a fully insured, registered postal service on all items sent to his office for valuations/sales. 

Step 1. Send item/s by registered post. (the maximum value for complete insurance is £2500 per registered package, if you have a collection you consider maybe worth more then Vernon can guide you on how to send it fully insured)

Step 2. Vernon will value and appraise the items without any obligation. The items can then either be returned or you can instruct Vernon to sell them.

Step 3. Should you wish Vernon to go ahead and sell, two contracts of sale will be sent in the post, where you sign and date both copies and return one copy in the envelope provided.

Step 4. Once sold within the 10 day period you will then receive a sale report and your monies will be transferred direct to your bank account or sent by registered post.

Please feel free to phone 01273 502097 if you require help or have any questions

Please see typical reviews where people have used this service over the last 30 years:

I have recently had the pleasure of enlisting the professional services of Vernon Ward Antique Valuations and Sales and felt duly compelled to write a 5* review.

I have recently had the pleasure of enlisting the professional services of Vernon Ward Antique Valuations and Sales and felt duly compelled to write a 5* review. Vernon clearly explained the process from start to finish with his courteous and exemplary manners. Due to current restrictions and having to self isolate, I opted for sending my gold items via registered post. Vernon called me as soon as he received them and then within a few hours I was provided with an estimate. Vernon's valuations for my gold items came in considerably higher than previous estimates by local jewelers and within days Vernon had sold my items. An incredibly professional, efficient and trustworthy service. Highly recommended.

Zoe Porter, Sussex - December 2021

Vernon Ward is a rare find - engaging, human, and kind…..and extremely knowledgeable about all things antique.

Vernon was open and honest with his appraisal of the jewellery I emptied out of an old brown envelope, explaining clearly what price I may expect, and ensuring I understood his terms and conditions. At all times I felt respected and valued by Vernon, as I knew from his website he had successfully researched and sold items much more valuable than the contents of my envelope! I trusted his professional integrity absolutely, and appreciated his sensitivity regarding the emotional attachment I had to some of the items. The whole process from initially meeting Vernon and his assistant Hayley, to returning to sign my generous sales receipt took less than 10 days. I have sung Vernon and Hayley’s praises to anyone who will listen – and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to friends or colleagues who through their naivety of the value of gold, silver, fine art and antiques, could lead to potential exploitation. Thank you, Vernon and Hayley, – such a pleasure to meet you both.

C. Davey - Brighton - August 2020

First class service Vernon offers registered post as well

Having a range of gold american coins gold soverigns including a diamond omega watch together with gold antique jewellery, I delivered these to Vernon who over a three day period researched all of this items at no charge. Vernon and his colleagues have strict goverment guidlines in place at their office and i felt completely safe due to covide 19. There attention to detail was faultless and in these troublesome times we where extremely fortunate to visit vernon. Our sincere thanks for all your efforts we would totally recommend anyone wishing to sell their unwanted gold antique jewellery gold coins ect to visit Vernon.First class service start to finish.

Joanne G - May 2020

I have already posted a review of the excellent service Vernon offers elsewhere but what I did not mention, which is very pertinent in these days of Coronavirus, is that transactions have been done purely by post. Post the items to him and Vernon will catalogue, estimate their value and post all the documentation, as he did with us including the contract of sale and sale notice. He then sent the cash through the post. It was a first for me as I did not realise that valuables by post, including cash, are insured for £2,500 and can be increased up to £10,000. As I have said before Vernon offers a fabulous service, now even more relevant in these troubled times

Adrian Wimbush - April 2020

5 Star Valuation Service!

We had gold bracelets, gold watches, gold bangles and gold rings to be valued. Firstly Vernon was extremely knowledgeable from my laymans descriptions over the telephone. When we visited, all government guidelines for COVID-19 were in place and we were made to feel very comfortable with distancing etc well observed. We were very impressed with Vernons valuation especially as he made time to see us very quickly. We will definitely return to Vernon and whole heartedly recommend his fast, efficient service too.

Fiona Marshall - May 2020

Valuation and sale of various items

I went to Vernon Ward after having visited various auction rooms to get estimates for a number of items. Not only did he achieve higher values on all the items than I had previously been quoted, but he was able to sell every single item that I gave him - both of lower and higher value - within a short time frame, for less commission and with immediate payment to me (no waiting 28 working days for payment). He was straightforward to deal with and gave a personalised service that I was extremely pleased with. I can only recommend him highly for all his efforts on my behalf.

Patrick Comerford - Feb 2020

Well worth the trip from the Isle of Sheppey

After a telephone call I made arrangements to go to Vernons property. I was very welcomed in. Proof of ownership was requested which in my case was my passport which was scrutinised and quite rightly so, for the valuation and sale of my Family gold and gold diamond jewellery etc. Vernons office was extremely relaxed and Covid regulations was strictly upheld. Unlike the other jewellers I had asked. It looked like the only value was in the gold content. Vernon took a different stance on this And I am overjoyed that 80% was sold as articles and considering they were unwanted family pieces, it’s so nice to know that others will appreciate them. He’s whole approach of a true professional and keeping me informed throughout the 10 day Selling period was exceptional and I returned to him for further business of other old jewellery and inherited silverware. It was well worth the trip from the Isle of Sheppey. So thank you Vernon for all your hard work, I just wish I had more for you. Excellent choice. Excellent service.

Lea Seaton, Isle of Sheppey - August 2020

Helpful and knowledgable service from Hayley

As a retired businessman I had a number of interesting items at my home as was looking for valuation with a view to sale. As Vernon was busy, I spoke with Hayley one of his assistant valuers. After talking to her over the phone she made an appointment with me to view the items at my home. She couldn’t have been more helpful, knowledgeable and personable. It was a sensitive case and very private, and my time spent with her during the course of an afternoon was not only extremely enjoyable but resulted in the outcome I was looking for. Hayley did not rush me, made me feel very much at ease with dealing with my personal matters. The confidential 1:1 service encouraged me to ask for Hayley specifically when I required further valuations with a view to selling further parts of my collection and Vernon was more than happy for her to deal with these for me.

John, retired businessman, Sussex - December 2020

Impeccable, personal service

I have just concluded a sale with Vernon and I highly recommend this professional service with a personal touch. I was concerned that Covid would delay the valuation/sale of my items but by using recorded delivery the whole process has been swift and secure. I was initially very worried about sending my gold jewellery via the post but it arrived safely with Vernon and the rest of our business was conveyed efficiently via the post. Vernon stayed in touch throughout the process and achieved a brilliant sale for me. It was a pleasure doing business.

Anjeen, London - January 2021

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