Antique Gold Jewellery Valuations

The process of gold jewellery valuation involves considering every single aspect of your antique or vintage jewellery piece and determining the type, quality and weight of metal and precious stone used. Craftsmanship also affects the price of jewellery.

Getting your jewellery pieces evaluated and knowing their value is worthwhile for your peace of mind and insurance purposes (if required). Moreover, knowing the value of the piece, you can ensure Vernon will endeavour to source the correct buyer/collector when deciding to sell your unwanted jewellery. Antique and gold jewellery pieces are often desired by collectors across the globe. Feel free to contact Vernon for jewellery valuations and find out the current worth of your jewellery.

Here are some ways through which you can determine antique gold jewellery value.

Is The Piece, Antique, Vintage or Retro?

Antique jewellery pieces are at least a hundred years old. If this isn’t the case, then the piece is probably vintage; vintage jewellery dates back to at least 20 years. Retro jewellery pieces are identified by their huge size and bold colours. Most of these pieces belong to the 1940s and 1950s decade.

Look for Time-Related Fittings and Findings

The first step of the gold jewellery valuation process is to determine the period in which it was created. Look around for possible findings and fittings. Jewellery findings is a term used for pre-made pieces used by jewellers like pin stems, clasps and hinges. Fittings are those parts that have been tailored for the piece.

The table below gives an example using common earring styles were first introduced in the market.



Shepherd Hook


Kidney Wire


Screw with Stopper - (Pierced )


Lever Back


Screw Back


Spring Click


Omega Back


You can observe similar findings for brooches as well. For instance, the trombone clasp was first introduced in the year 1940. Sometimes, you may also come across a lumpy solder on the brooch or another jewellery piece, but this does not indicate how old the piece is. It just means that it was altered or repaired.

What’s the Colour?

If your gold jewellery piece is embedded with gemstones or coated with enamel, the colour can give you an idea of the value and creation date. For instance, most of the jewellery belonging to the Renaissance period is gaudy. Items from the Victoria Era are more sober. In the Art Nouveau period, jewellery pieces featured delicately soft colours. And later on, the jewellery coatings and finishing changed to bolder shades, often featuring geometric designs.

Note Hallmarks on the Piece

Marks on jewellery pieces are often indicative of their time period and value. These are usually hidden. For instance, they are found at the back of the earrings or underneath the bracelet. Observe carefully and you may find the name of the designer, retailer or manufacturer or other critical information that can give you an idea about the value.

Customer Reviews

What a grand day out!

What a grand day out! We had searched for someone we could trust to value our heirlooms and help us to sell them. This may seem an easy task but finding a trustworthy person can be a challenge. Vernon’s multiple 5-star reviews persuaded us to contact him. We were met at Brighton station by Haley, who drove us to his office. There is an old song that goes: “It ain’t what you do but the way that you do it, thats what gets results” - in Vernon’s case it was both! We were cordially welcomed, given a clear description of his conditions of business and a knowledgeable assessment and valuation of our items. He offered to try to sell them within a 10 day period (and did so within 7 days; attaining the expected sale price). After a very pleasant meeting, Haley drove us back into Brighton for the train home. Vernon is a pleasant and kindly gentleman who is knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I can highly recommend him, and on a personal level it was a pleasure to have met him.

Stephen Lyall, Hertfordshire - April 2024

He was incredibly generous with his time and expertise

I contacted Vernon for advice on selling a piece of jewellery which has been in my wife’s family for many years. He was incredibly generous with his time and expertise; he was keen for us to understand how the trade operates and our options for selling it. Vernon advised me on how to carry out my own research, making me feel reassured I was dealing with a knowledgeable and highly ethical professional who knows his business inside out.

Mike Mandelbaum - May 2022

A Rare Find

"We recently needed a professional to research, value and sell our collection of diamond jewelry and gold coins. From the Internet, we were very impressed by the reviews on Vernon Ward. After visiting us, we instructed him to act as our independent agent. He proved to be highly professional, with excellent business acumen and expertise. We were delighted with the results and, true to his word, he located private buyers. We benefited financially by using his services. We would not hesitate to recommend him."

Mr. and Mrs. D. Marshall

First class service

"We had some small pieces of jewellery and other artefacts to sell and, although they were not of great value, Vernon was extremely liberal with his time and expertise. He sold the pieces within a few days, kept us in touch with what was going on, and got an excellent price. His commission was far lower than any auction house. Moreover, he undertook research on one piece of jewellery for no fee. From our point of view, not only was he professional, thoroughly trustworthy, reliable, and clearly very experienced, he was also enthusiastic and friendly; one sensed that he genuinely cared about us and what we wanted. He provided us with a first class service and we think ourselves lucky to have found him. We recommend him unconditionally."


What was my Georgian gold jewellery worth?

My Georgian gold jewellery worth! I had Georgian gold and diamond jewellery to sell and ruby and diamond earrings and other items and was delighted with the sale results achieved by Vernon. With no hidden charges! I may add that I chose Vernon because auction fees would have reduced the overall sale dramatically. An extremely professional and private service from Vernon and I would totally recommend him.

Andrew C

Gold effects fine sale

My gold goblet and other gold jewelers was classed as scrap. However after visiting Vernon he achieved fine prices as individual items from collectors he sourced, and secured far above other quotes. Excellent conclusion for me, and sales concluded privately confidentially. Would recommend without question.

Tim S - 22 May 2019

His knowledge alone is amazing

I spoke to Vernon asking for his expert opinion on some jewlery left to me his knowledge alone is amazing just by sending photos to him to have knowledge is a rare find in these times he was so very helpful and lovely to talk to and just to know the style of the items is really great Thank you Vernon.

Sarah - March 21

Couldn't believe the difference in value I was told

Went to see vernon about some gold that was left to me by relatives. after going to a few places I couldn't believe the difference in value I was told. vernon is absolutely trustworthy and I would certainly use his services again

Sussex Client - July 2021

Vernon's knowledge unparalleled within his specialist field.

Not only is Vernon's knowledge unparalleled within his specialist field. His customer service is second to none. In a world where customers can be unsure and are looking for piece of mind, Vernon helps to guide you through and advise you of all options and avenues available. An absolute pleasure to work with. Vernon provides an old school approach to customer service which is rare in today's society. I look forward to working with him again.

Chris de Lobe, Surrey - Nov 2021

He is knowledgeable, professional and honest and has a very engaging personality

My first contact with Vernon was by phone. He invited me to visit with my jewellery and silverware and I was made very welcome by both Vernon and Hayley. Over a cup of tea, Vernon gave a thorough appraisal and valuation of each item and agreed to try and sell them for me. He immediately inspired confidence. He is knowledgeable, professional and honest and has a very engaging personality. None of my items were particularly valuable, but Vernon invested as much time and effort into finding buyers as he would have done had they been truly valuable. He made me feel valued as a client and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. My jewellery was sold well within the time frame outlined in the terms and conditions. Vernon kept me informed at every stage of the process and the value realised far exceeded my expectations. In addition Vernon’s commission is way below the going rate. He is passionate about his work and is more interested in achieving the best outcome for his clients than he is in lining his own pockets. So rare and refreshing in today’s cut throat world. I highly recommend Vernon and his team and I wish them all the very best for the future.

Monique Stevens, March 2023 - Sussex

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