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Vernon  Ward has been established now for 50 years. Vernon himself  has appeared  on national television and radio. He has lectured on  cruise liners, Venezuela to the Caribbean and beyond.

He has conducted his highly successful and popular antique valuations and sales advice days now in its 30th year and these events are ongoing throughout the South of England and beyond. Vernon invites you, the public to bring along any antiques, collectibles and so on and is more than happy to give advice on valuations and sales of your items brought along for his inspection. If Vernon then feels that he can locate a private buyer or collector on your behalf then he will proceed with this on a "contract of sale" basis only. 

Vernon has sold items for as little as £100 to being instructed as agent of  whole estates i.e. bank collections, jewellery collections etc. along with the obvious day to day antiques. Vernon has had offices in Zurich, the Canary Islands and closer to home, Crowborough. And over his 50 year period he has collated a wealth of private buyers and collectors. In 1990 he established Vernon Ward Antique Roadshows (Registered in England No.2215508). These valuation days are extremely popular with the public and those seeking sales advice. During the many roadshows numerous rare items have gained national TV coverage - a typical example is below.

It  was a small drinking vessel from the tomb site of Tutankhamun. The owner instructed Vernon to locate a private buyer or collector. Much to her delight a buyer was found and Vernon was able to house this item in a private collection.

Vernon has appeared on national television.

A further example is as follows: at one of his charity roadshow days, he was shown a violin. Vernon decided to research this item and after four months, he was delighted to confirm to the owner that it was a rare violin by Santo Serafin which also gained large press coverage. Other rare finds have also gained national TV coverage with kind permission from the owners.

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Vernon Ward is regularly approached for: Charity antique valuation day roadshows, humorous antique lectures (including daytime, lunch or evening supper) & ladies day events. These are to raise money for your charity and are highly popular events . To enquire about booking, please call Vernon on 01273 502097.

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