Antique valuations and sales conducted by Vernon Ward thoughout the UK and overseas

Items sold range from as low as £50 to the highest being in excess of £300,000 to a private collector.

Valuers and Appraisers of: Fine Jewellery, Vintage Jewellery, Gold Jewellery,  Modern Jewellery, Signed Pieces, Pearls and Diamond Jewellery in Sussex  and throughout the UK.

From a single item to a complete estate sale, Vernon is able to undertake the entire project from conception to completion.

As an independent agent Vernon sources private buyers and collectors  worldwide on your behalf when consigning your goods for sale, from general antiques to high value. Please read a sample of the many excellent five-star reviews from clients past and present.

In certain cases items are carefully researched before a sale.

Below are typical examples of what have been valued and sold over the years:


VERNON WARD - Fine Antique / Modern Jewellery & Silver Valuers

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The South of England Agricultural Society - Patron: Her Majesty the Queen

From the South of England - Agricultural Society

Dear Vernon, I write to thank you most sincerely for carrying out the valuation of the society's trophies during the South of England show.

Not only was this a considerable amount of work both in research and in valuing each of the trophies, but you operated in a very confined space where the trophies are displayed in the members pavilion. A challenge in more ways than one!

We are most appreciative of your expertise in valuing each trophy and for the detailed valuation documents which describe each trophy with weight and value.

We note that you have calculated the revised valuation figures realistically allowing for fluctuation for the next 10 year period.

Vernon, we are most grateful to you for all your help and assistance and for the professional manner in which you have carried out this task.

With Kind Regards
Your sincerely 
Deborah J Barber (MBE)

Original letter held by Vernon Ward 

Vernon was chosen above all leading auction houses and insurance companies to undertake this highly important documented report and schedule. Which consisted of silverware such as Silver salvers, silver candle sticks, important and rare silver statues, silver trophies, silver tea sets and much more.

Vernon is passionate about his work and in my personal opinion there would be no who I recommend more to sell my jewellery than Vernon

I would like to thank Vernon and his team in selling a collection of inherited fine jewellery with pieces ranging from the 30s until the late 90s . It is always a difficult decision to know where to sell a range of items online ? auction house ? pawnbrokers or local jewellers? I am happy to say Vernon and team excelled . All items were sold within the time frame he allocated and for far greater prices than elsewhere. It was a bespoke service with no difference in service between higher and lower priced items , the commission is way below the going rate and it was a joy to meet Vernon and his team who were welcoming knowledgeable and always on hand to update myself with any changes to the item being sold . Vernon is passionate about his work and in my personal opinion there would be no who I recommend more to sell my jewellery than Vernon .

Alex Morrel, Sussex - November 2023

Vernon provides exceptional customer service, integrity and honesty

Vernon provides exceptional customer service, integrity and honesty. Living in Somerset and working full time meant I was unable to travel to Brighton to get my diamonds, sovereigns and gold valued. Vernon understood my situation and went as far as sourcing a driver to collect the items from me once I had agreed to progress the sale. From my first conversation through to the conclusion of the sale, there was no pressure to sell (quite the opposite), everything was treated in confidence and a realistic approach to value was agreed. I was kept informed at every stage of the sale handling and everything ran like clockwork! I was delighted at the outcome of the sale and knowing that Vernon uses a select pool of private investors I achieved a price much higher than the local jewellers were prepared to pay. I cannot recommend Vernon highly enough.

Ruth McCarthy, Somerset - July 2022

I can only echo everything others have written in their testimonials about Vernon

I found Vernon Ward on the internet as I was not certain how to seek valid and truthful advice on the sale of diamond jewellery. Having read so many positive testimonials, I decided to contact Vernon. I can only say he is enormously knowledgeable, an old school gentleman and a man of his word, which is very refreshing in this modern world. Vernon did everything that he said he would do and more, including writing by hand at 6:30 am a full two page report on the jewellery so that he could get it to me in the early morning post. I can only echo everything others have written in their testimonials about Vernon, he is willing to spend his own time and effort researching your valuables and does not charge a penny for his professional service, what more could you possibly ask? He just loves his chosen profession. Just believe those who have gone before, and had dealings with Vernon, I know where I shall be taking my business next time, without doubt. Thank you Vernon, you are a pleasure to deal with.

Peter Pattison, Richmond - September 2021

We would like to thank him and his team for their warm welcome and very professional service

My wife and I visited Vernon Ward with jewellery valued approximately £85,000 because we wished to sell some of it and update the insurance values of other items. We would like to thank him and his team for their warm welcome and very professional service. This was free of charge and the only costs will be a very reasonable commission (lower than London auction houses) on items successfully sold. Everything went well and we were very glad to have discovered his service and thoroughly recommend it. However, there was just one cloud. Thanks to his expertise, we found that an item boxed with the name of a top French international brand was not in fact genuine. You would expect us to have been more than a bit downcast, especially as we had paid £5,000 more than 20 years ago at a grand charity auction at a Park Lane hotel. Surprisingly, we were pleased to find this out because my wife plans to bequeath it to one of her grand-daughters who has always admired it. So at least we now know that our grand-daughter Charlotte will not one day suffer the disappointment of having to learn that her late Granny's gift was not the genuine article. Anyway, the charity benefitted and the forgery will still look pretty good on Charlotte!

Paul Morgan - London, October 2020

You would be hard pushed to get such service elsewhere

I emailed Vernon on Monday with some pictures of jewellery that I wanted valued. He promptly contacted me and was able to give me an approximate valuation over the phone, advice on insurance and advice on whether or not to sell. What I most liked, was the fact that he spoke about the pieces in terms of their worth as items of jewellery and not just their 'weight in gold'. His advice was not motivated by 'making a sale'' (he actually advised that I may want to hold on to one of the items due to sentimental value) and I have arranged to visit his office in a few weeks so that he can view the pieces. Vernon also went the extra mile on his day off and called me back to confirm the price of one of my items. This was all for FREE!! I'm pretty sure you would be hard pushed to get such service elsewhere. I would recommend Vernon whole heartedly.

A Nairn  - October 2020

First rate service!

I visited Vernon last week by appointment with a rather large assortment of family jewelry, his service is impeccable - there’s no charge for the valuation...his office is regulated to a high standard of Covid safety...passport details and personal details verified.  He’s a joy to work with, someone you can trust implicitly and he valued my personal items with great care and attention to detail.  This all came about as I live in London and sent him down by registered post a pair of Georg Jensen earrings...I was so pleased with the sale proceeds, hence making a visit to meet him in person & instructed him to sell more of my unwanted, inherited jewelry.  First rate service!

C Cooper - November 2020

Couldn't have been more delighted

Living in London we were in something of a dilemma as to whom  we would  consider to be a professional  expert on jewellery ,silver and fine antiques.We came across Vernon and couldn't have been more delighted with the  service friendliness and expertise provided by him and his team for the valuation and sale of our unwanted inherited items . His attention throughout was exemplary. We would certainly recommend.

Carol Holmes - December 2020

Vernon is an absolute gent who clearly cares about the people that come to him and his advice was just brilliant.

Vernon is an absolute gent who clearly cares about the people that come to him and his advice was just brilliant. He was helpful, courteous, engaging, passionate and, quite frankly, a genuine pleasure to speak with. To anyone reading this review, wondering whether or not to get in touch with Vernon, I’d say stop reading this review and please, go do it, get in touch. You really won’t regret it.

Filipe Albarraque  - August 2021

Vernon's approach looked like the sort of service I wanted

I contacted Vernon after finding his company on Google.  I was uncertain about using an auction house and Vernon's approach looked like the sort of service I wanted.  So I sent some photos of the items that I wanted to sell and received a phone call back very quickly.  Vernon gave me an estimate of the value of the goods and his opinion of their marketability.  I made a visit to his premises, and we had a great conversation about the items.  Vernon kept to his contracted agreement of 10 days, sold all my items and gave me a good price.  All other details such as the sales report coming by recorded delivery, and rapid transfer of funds, were excellent.

Martin Leach  - August 2023

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